Ecosocialist Praxis Tucson Week #4: John Bellamy Foster

Click to read “The Ecology of Marxian Political Economy,” by John Bellamy Foster in the Monthly Review. This week’s reading rounds out the main approaches to ecosocialism that is the focus of  Ecosocailist Praxis. John Bellamy Foster is currently Editor-in-Chief of the long running Monthly Review. In addition, he has written extensively on recovering the … Continue reading

Ecosocialist Praxis Tucson Week #2 Discussion

John Clark’s “A Social Ecology,” when paired with an essay like Murray Bookchin’s “What is Social Ecology?” gives one a solid introduction to this field of inquiry. In addition, it allows for comparison between the two approaches. Clark’s work can arguably been seen as rooted in the earlier works of Murray Bookchin (among others) and … Continue reading

Excerpt of John P. Clark on Dialectic

Because the radical thrust of ecosocialism is based upon an understanding of dialectic, it might be helpful to offer an overview and clarification of what the dialectical method entails. To provide this, we turn to the work of John P. Clark and excerpt a key portion of his essay, “Domesticating the Dialectic: A Critique of Bookchin’s Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysics.” Continue reading

Ecosocialist Praxis Tucson Week #1: “What is Social Ecology?”

The reading for the inaugural gathering of Ecosocialist Praxis is titled “What is Social Ecology?” by Murray Bookchin, from the posthumously published collection of essays Social Ecology and Communalism (2007, AK Press). To provide some context for those unfamiliar with Murray Bookchin, his work, or this essay, it is fitting to begin with a biographical blurb, followed by a brief discussion of the essay and Bookchin’s thought generally. Continue reading

Announcing Ecosocialist Praxis: Tucson, AZ

As an extension of the commitment of Better Worlds, Brighter Futures to theoretical exploration and development of ecosocialism and its particular unfolding within the Sonoran Desert bioregion, we are pleased to announce the formation of Ecosocialist Praxis Tucson. PDF fliers are available for distribution (within Tucson). ODT (OpenOffice/LibreOffice format) fliers are available as a template to edit for your own purposes. Continue reading

The Unity-in-Diversity of Ecosocialism: A Real Challenge to Global Capital

Better Worlds, Brighter Futures endeavors to create a comradely “unity-in-diversity” between the broadly ecosocialist tendencies of the radical left, in order to pose a substantive challenge to the system of global, monopoly capitalism that is shown to be at root of both the ecological and social crises. As hinted at in previous posts (see “In Search of a Broad, Coherent Social Ecology” and “Reopening the ‘Intellectual Space’ of Social Ecology”), there is much theoretical agreement between the different approaches. Continue reading

In Search of a Broad, Coherent, Social Ecology

Recently, someone immersed in Murray Bookchin’s late-period works asked my definition of social ecology. This brought up an important issue. How is social ecology to be defined generally, taking the entirety of the field and its historical development into account? This implies a broad conception–one that recognizes both Bookchin’s open, early approaches, his later narrower variation, John P. Clark’s contribution, as well as antecedent and contemporary influences that continue to be discovered. Continue reading