Social ecology is a transcendent, interdisciplinary field of radical ecology (“radical” as in “getting to the root of” ecological dislocation) based primarily in the modern, dialectical philosophical tradition and the cutting edge of contemporary social and ecological science. As John P. Clark simply states, social ecology is “an attempt to understand the dialectical movement of society within the context of the larger dialectic of society and nature.”

Emerging originally with the work of Murray Bookchin in the 1960s, social ecology
begins its investigations from the premise that the ongoing ecological crisis is rooted in deep­ seated social issues, and that the current domination of humanity over nature is rooted in the domination of human by human. Consequently, in order to arrive at a (or perhaps the only) substantive solution to the ecological crisis, oppression and exploitation of all forms must be overcome within human society. Observes Murray Bookchin, “What renders social ecology so important is that it offers no case whatsoever for hierarchy in nature and society…”

This blog aims to develop concrete social ecological praxes oriented around the social and ecological conditions of the Sonoran Desert bioregion. It hopes to engage in beneficial dialog with complimentary movements seeking to fundamentally reorient society in ways that are ecological, directly democratic, decentralized, and that overcome scarcity. Those interested in working toward such a society are encouraged to get in touch!


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